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  • Animals Hunt AR

    Augmented Reality Educational Game
    Going Hunting. What about virtual hunting?
    Hunt the Animals that appears in your world. Set the proper bait to hunt the animal. use Kin coins as currency.
  • Tracker Pro

    GPX Logger
    GPS based professional Route tracking system. It collects large amount of data by automatic creating multiple GPX files when it reach the device maximum file size.
  • Medicine Time

    Medicine Time remider
    Medicine Time help you to remember to take you medications on time. The application set all administrative event in the Blackberry 10 device calendar.
  • RPS Tournment

    MAS (Multi-Agents System)
    RPS Tournament is a new generation multi-players mobile game.
    You can play alone or in tournament with up to 16 of your friends. You can also invite other friends to watch the tournament and chat. With a total of 24 connected users, RPS-Tournament is by far a unique social mobile game.
  • Gas Station Game

    It is a simulation game for managing Gas Station. The target is to build wealth by investing in Gas Station. The program was built with the participation of experts in: simulation and Gas station management. Most of ideas are the real life issues that gas station manager faces regularly or occasionally.