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  • Tracker Pro

    GPX Logger
    GPS based professional Route tracking system. It collects large amount of data by automatic creating multiple GPX files when it reach the device maximum file size.
  • Medicine Time

    Medicine Time remider
    Medicine Time help you to remember to take you medications on time. The application set all administrative event in the Blackberry 10 device calendar.
  • RPS Tournment

    MAS (Multi-Agents System)
    RPS Tournament is a new generation multi-players mobile game.
    You can play alone or in tournament with up to 16 of your friends. You can also invite other friends to watch the tournament and chat. With a total of 24 connected users, RPS-Tournament is by far a unique social mobile game.
  • Gas Station Game

    It is a simulation game for managing Gas Station. The target is to build wealth by investing in Gas Station. The program was built with the participation of experts in: simulation and Gas station management. Most of ideas are the real life issues that gas station manager faces regularly or occasionally.